How to save money for a phone as a teenager
How to save money for a phone as a teenager
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So you need a phone. Mom and dad are reluctant to part with some cash. “Don’t worry, in a few years time you’ll be 18” they say “and we’ll get you the best available then.” Let’s not remind them that “a few years time” is 3 years from now… 36 full months.

Assuming they’re not against your use of mobile phones, let’s talk about how to save YOUR OWN MONEY for this desired asset.


How to save money for a phone as a teenager
  1. Settle for an affordable phone

First thing first, decide what phone model you’ll like to buy. Your best option at this point is to settle for an affordable one. 

Of course, you can choose to “dream big” and fix your mind on the most expensive device in your school. Chances are, the kids with the most expensive phones, likely did not save to buy them. This is time to “cut your coat according to your material” and set a reasonable goal.

  1. Know the price

When you’ve decided what phone model you want to buy, it’s time to investigate the price. 

One fine tip to bear in mind is, check for prices in a physical market. In many cases, online malls are more expensive than physical markets. This cuts your target price by some percentage, making your goal more reachable.

  1. Choose an aggressive savings and budget strategy

If you have a pen and paper, mark the word “aggressive”. This is no time to save at your leisure. The faster you can reach your goal, the more likely you’ll accomplish it. 

So, settle for a fairly strict saving style. One, I’ve found is the 60 30 10 budgeting style. This is just a rule. You can make yours a little stricter or looser. But decide in your mind you’ll sacrifice some comfort to meet your goal.

Also, there is a big likelihood that your parents are already taking care of your needs. So most of the things you do with money might be things that, though important, you can do without. So this means you can save even more than 60% of any money that enters your palm.

  1. Save your monthly reimbursement

Do your parents give you reimbursements? Or maybe it’s those money you’re given to take to school every school day.

This is to you, as salary is to dad. So save it. Can you save it all? Maybe. If you can’t, save most. 

How far is your school to your home? Can you do some hiking when returning home? Don’t worry, this is a fine opportunity to hang out with friends and catch more fun before returning home. So, add this to your saving list. You can save this extra transport fee too.

  1. Save up tips for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations

Do you have some religious affiliation? Good! 

Religion, celebrations and holidays are like pizza, dough and water. Inseparable. 

So use this time to save, not spend. Save tips given you in your birthdays, christmas and other celebrations.

This is a fine opportunity to earn some free cash. So save up on it. Were you given other items as gifts instead of cash? It’s fine. Put them up for sale and save the money.

  1. Indicate to uncles and other loved ones that you prefer money gifts

Do you have that “uncle Jack” who can buy you the world, but is reluctant to part with raw cash? It’s time to tell him what you prefer this year’s celebration. And remember to explain your reasons. If you’re fortunate, someone can offer to buy the long desired phone instead. Even if you don’t get a phone, they’ll be more willing to give cash gifts if they know the reason for your request.

  1. Sell at school

Candies are to schools as drug cartels are to Mexico. So cash it in! Kids will rather buy candy and anything sweet than eat good food. With the permission of your school authority, you can do small scale trading. But, wholesale and do quick re-sales during intermissions.

Do promos. 

  • “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”
  • “Discount Fridays”

Honestly, the profit potential with this small scale business is far more than you can imagine. If your school does not clamp down on you, you should have enough profit to get the coveted phone in a couple of months.

  1. Cut down on expenses.

This cannot be overemphasized. The best way to meet a financial target is, not to earn big, but to save big. If all other suggestions go as planned, you might begin having more income than you normally do. This is a time to cut down on expenses.

Take a list of all your expense outlets. One major money outlet for teenagers is hanging out with friends. So reduce it. Let them know you won’t make it to the next shopping spree, or school party, something like that. When out with them, directly but tactfully tell them beforehand that you’re on a budget and learn to keep your word. If you compromise a little, you’ll be tempted to spend more.

  1. Get the classic old piggy bank.
How to save money for a phone as a teenager

Maybe you don’t have a bank account. Even if you do, it’s probably managed by your parents, that’s fine. You have another option: “The Great Piggy Bank plc.” Forget it! before any Central bank came to be, this “guy” has been helping minors raise funds to empires. 

Legends say that Piggy Banks were used to save the money that built the great Egyptian Pyramids. I know I’m lying, but who cares! Just get the classic piggy bank! 

And stash every penny that comes your way into it. 

Now you’ll need some restraint and self control to ensure you don’t rip it open at will. If you don’t have restraints, consult with your dad, tell him to be the custodian of the safe.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: NEVER give it to MOMS! They’ll spend it and remind you, you’re still being fed in the home.

  1. Get paid to tutor your classmates

Are you Einstein? Or Newton? If so, nature has given you a commodity you can trade. Offer to tutor your classmates in exchange for any donation they can give. Help them with difficulties homeworks and classworks and accept tips in return.

You’ll either make a few bucks from them. Or they’ll help you with some lunch snacks, so you don’t have to buy this with your money.

  1. Get paid to write school notes for classmates

Some kids are just too lazy to write. Offer to do so for them. Charge your writings per page. The more pages you’re able to scribble out the more money you get. Some lazy kids will prefer to pay a few pennies if that will save them the stress of writing. Here you have reliable customers. So, cash in on them.

  1. Perform tasks for neighbors in exchange for tips
How to save money for a phone as a teenager

Gardening, newspaper delivery, grocery delivery, these are tasks neighbors perform everyday… or most days. Offer to do these for them in exchange for tips. If you’re consistent and reliable, you’ll make a saving with this “gig”.

  1. Sell your old stuff on Craigslist

We all have things we don’t need. Your childhood toys. They’re likely littering the room or stashed somewhere in the basement coated with dust. Take your parents permission and offer this up for sale on Craigslist. 

Think of other items you have that you no longer use. Rather than piling a stockpile of items at home, offer them up for sale.

  1. Learn to say, “No”

Saying No, is not the same as being stingy. Sometimes you just have to say, “No” to financial requests to be able to save. So, let your friends know you’re going tight on your spendings this period because you have a project. If they request financial assistance to accomplish less important things, like money to pay for an online video game. Kindly tell them, “No, for now.”

  1. Strike money deals with your dad
How to save money for a phone as a teenager

Do your family have certain tasks that you pay people to do, such as collecting trash, mowing the lawn, etc? Tell you dad frankly, but playfully that you’ll do it in exchange for the money he pays those handling it. Tell him you’re doing to raise funds for the phone you requested from him that he didn’t agree to fund. He’ll know you mean business.

To add spice to this deal, tell him you’ll give him discounts. 

I tell you, the 21st century dad will be amazed at your business mind. He might agree just to encourage you. And probably, be willing to comply when you take the step in the next bullet point… “assist with the balance.”


This works better with dads than moms. Moms will remind you it’s your duty as a child.

  1. Keep your Parents updated

Parents wish to help buy what you request. But most times, they are reluctant to do so, because they see your request as less important when compared to other family needs. So keep them up to date. If they see that you’re able to raise 80% of your target, they’ll be persuaded to assist with the balance.


How to save money for a phone as a teenager
  1. Settle for an affordable phone
  2. Know the price.
  3. Choose an aggressive savings and budget strategy
  4. Save your monthly reimbursement
  5. Save up tips for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations.
  6. Indicate to uncles and other loved ones that you prefer money gifts.
  7. Sell at school.
  8. Cut down on expenses.
  9. Get the classic old piggy bank.
  10. Get paid to  tutor your classmates
  11. Get paid to write school notes for classmates
  12. Perform tasks for neighbors in exchange for tips
  13. Sell your old stuff on Craigslist
  14. Learn to say, “No”
  15. Strike money deals with your dad
  16. Keep your Parents updated.

These tips are simple and straightforward, but if with determination they can be done with limited difficulty. These are just 16 tips. If you drop further suggestions in the comments, I’ll update this article till it’s 20 or more tips.

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