Journey With Me

In 30 days time, I’ll be leaving my job as a volunteer to work full time for myself… writing.

Hi, my name is Moses. I’ve always love entrepreneurship and freelancing. Nothing compares to the satisfaction and freedom that comes with working for yourself and living free… ‘Living Free’ is the word!

The problem is it comes with its financial challenges if not handled properly.

I’ve started handling mine. I want you to journey with me in real time..

I love to read. I’ve read every other book in every library, except the one you know. And I the passion for sharing my knowledge and experience.

No, I’m not an expert, far from that. But watch me write detailed, well researched articles about finance, in the second person. In this blog I’ll be piecing together more than a decade of a young mind reading wild. You will enjoy it!

You’re used to reading success stories, of writers who fell into a zillion dollar debt, swiped some magic wand and became debt free. Mine is different. I’ll be writing my finance story in public view… in real time.
Join me as I write this financial script.

Will you?

Welcome to Finance And I