How can a pretty girl make money online?
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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Tell that to a pretty girl! “Who cares what the beholder sees! I knows I’m beautiful.” So now you’re beautiful… beautiful and broke. And you think to yourself: how can I cash in on this beauty?

No beating around the bush. Let’s head right in, and answer that question.


How can a pretty girl make money online?


You can become an online influencer and gather followers simply because of your looks. How do you do it?

  • Pick a niche you’ll like to talk about. Limit to beauty related stuffs, eg. organic cosmetics. latest fashion styles etc. just anything that puts your face in front of the camera.
  • Now pick a platform. Social media platforms should be your area of choice. Tik Tok, youtube, instagram, etc.
  • Research on your topic of choice and start dishing content. As much as content is king, your looks will be the first source of attraction. 


How can a pretty girl make money online

Take a moment to check this, search traffic statistics:

1how to talk to a girl you don’t know4600
2how to talk to a girl for the first time6600
3how to talk to a girl over text6700
4how to talk to a girl online1500
5how to talk to a girl on tinder6000
6how to talk to a new girl540
7how to talk to a pretty girl380

One thing you should know for sure is, these are highly inaccurate. They usually are a fraction of the real data. Even from this data though, you can tell that a lot of people are interested in how to talk to a girl.

Why not cash out on it. Start a Youtube channel, discussing how to: 

  • Talk to a beautiful lady in person
  • Talk to a beautiful lady on phone
  • Woo a pretty girl
  • Text a pretty girl
  • Impress a beautiful lady on first meet
  • Etc.

You’ll have to do many videos to cover these topics in depth. The search volumes on youtube should give you a decent income in ads and affiliate marketing.


Your job is to sell stock advice to mutual funds. You dont have to come up with the ideas. Research analyst do their search, come up with ideas. You job is to present this ideas to clients

This is a cash out on your beauty. Sounds great right?

What if your clients needs more information? You dont have to do research, your job as a hotline person is to refer his questions or concerns to an equity analyst.


How can a pretty girl make money online?

Have you seen ladies advertising cosmetics and exaggerating about the matchless results. All they do is show us their smooth arms or legs.

We’ll be naive to think they got that skin by using these products.

So start one such sales. A blog page or Youtube channel is a fine medium to use.


What does handmade craft have to do with pretty girls? Consider this. Two girls used to advertise a product on a billboard, any product. One is quite beautiful and trendy, the other not so much. Who will make more sales for the advertising company? 

Now you get the point! There’s a reason why advertising companies pay pretty girls and models to do adverts. Often these ladies are not popular enough to gather followers for the companies. Instead their pretty looks are used to draw attention to the product and people subconsciously remember these products. 

So selling handmade crafts online, using your image as the model. You’ll get more sales, not because your product is the best, but because looks sell. 



How can a pretty girl make money online?

So I stumbled on this crazy idea. At first I thought, “this is rubbish! No way I can suggest this to anyone!”

But then, I decided to type, “talk to lonely…” on Google search engine. And before me were some Autosuggest. 

AUTO SUGGEST. Are automatically generated suggestions to your search query based on frequently searched words. This is google guessing what you want to search, based on what others have frequently searched.

The first two suggestions were:

  • Talk to lonely seniors
  • Talk to lonely guys for money

So people are really searching these online!

I said to myself, “Hmmm! There might just be some sense to this “rubbish” after all.”

I thought I was going nuts until I realized, after a minute or so of searching, that there are online platforms that pay you to talk to lonely people.

How do you then make money online through this means

  • Create an e-wallet account. Paypal or any alternative is fine.
  • Get a cheap phone with unlimited minutes online, e.g walmart. Instant messaging apps with online call features are a fine alternative.
  • Signup on online platforms that offer “talk to lonely people services”
    • Rent a friend
    • Fiverr (fiverr! O my gosh!)
    • Premium chat  etc.

Alright I must say, I didn’t do indepth research to understand how this process really works. So, one piece of advice is: Do your research. Thoroughly understand how it works before signing in.

Also remember that talking to members of the opposite have the potential to build emotional attraction, at least from his end. So exercise caution. Or you may even decide that this is not for you. 


It’s not all about looks. If you have some content upstairs, it will definitely boost your looks and raise your income.

Now we’re not saying be the smartest person in your crew. But a little idea to present will help.

What can you present and then boost sales with your looks?

  • Teach basic English lessons.
  • Teach any international foreign language. French, Spanish, Italian, German etc.
  • Do “how to” videos about hobbies, crafts, etc. For example,
    •  How to make pancakes. 
    • How to cook fried rice.
    • How to weave crochet. etc.

These are just goods to present. But what will attract people in the first place will be your looks.


How can a pretty girl make money online?

When we talk about making money online with your looks, people wonder: How can you do so without selling your bodies? Or doing other immodest things?

Truth is, you can. 

If you are ‘beauty with brains,’ know that you have a jackpot from nature. But if not, you can still make money online without compromising moral boundaries.

This list is definitely not a complete “how to” guide. If you’ve read this far, and have others we didn’t mention, kindly mention them in the comment section.

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