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Being a single dad is tragic enough. But a broke single dad? That’s a double tragedy. Alright, enough of the intro. Let’s just cut the crap and hit the point. How can a single dad make money?

Here are 8 money making avenues for single dads.


how can a single dad make money
making money online


Is blogging profitable? Yes

Do I advise a single father to try this means of making money? Definitely. Certainly, definitely, certainly. Alright, enough of the exaggeration. But surely, blogging is a fine way to earn passive income online. 

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires patience and hard work. But if you need a single way to make money online at home, this is it!

How does blogging work?

Blogs are web logs are websites setup by individuals or groups to log or present records of activities. These are not professional websites. So, you don’t need to be an expert to start a blog.

What can you blog about?

Anything of your interest. Topics like:

  • How to cope as a single father, 
  • How to care for and raise kids alone

will be ideas to carve great articles around. 

You can earn from your pain. Simply mention your struggles as a single father and how you are able to cope. 

You’ll resonate well with single fathers out there. Your content will be original and more empathetic as you’re talking not from some quick researched ideas, but from a first person perspective.

For the records, blogging is very profitable.

How much can you earn blogging?

The estimate differs. It depends on the type of niche (general topic you write on), the number of people that visit your site monthly, and other factors like, if you suggest products for your visitors to buy (affiliate marketing).

There is no fixed amount that you can earn. But most bloggers are able to make between $500 to $2000 from blogging in their first year. Usually older sites tend to earn far more as they tend to have more content and gain more trust from search engines which reward them with more traffic, hence more money making opportunities. 

Like fine wine, blogging only gets better with time.

This is arguable the best option in this list, hence it came first. “Save the best for the last – reverse engineered”.


how can a single dad make money

The internet is going “video!” More people rely on video contents for “how-to” information. This is a fine opportunity for single dads.

Just like blogging, you can make money online, by sharing your views on Youtube. There are many single fathers out there. And unlike women, men tend to bottle up their feelings. So, this is an opportunity for you. You can make money online by expressing your feelings about single parenthood, single fatherhood and the unique challenges it presents.

When coordinated well, a Youtube channel can be paired with a blog to:

  • Earn money from Youtube video views, and 
  • To increase blog traffic, hence more money from blogging.

What can you talk about?

Same as a blog, you can base your channel entirely on single fatherhood. 

You can coordinate it with a blog, such that whenever you write a blog post, you simply adapt the content of your post and present it in video format on Youtube. That is, you are explaining your blog content to a camera, and… uploading this video for Youtube view. That’s all! That is all!

Single-fatherhood as a topic can resonate well with certain types of people and give you a loyal followership. But you can create a channel on any other topic of your choice. If you have a profession, that is a good niche to create videos on. Even as simple as teaching people basic English structure or teaching any popular language in the world (I’m English structure is not as simple as I suggest). The list is truly endless.

What do you need to start a video?

how can a single dad make money

Now what kit do you need to start a Youtube channel? All you need as a starter is a computer, a laptop, an internet source(modem, router, or mobile phone hotspot) and a camera. 

Cameras are expensive, true! But a number of Youtube channels are created using mobile phone cameras. Today’s mobile devices are equipped with good camera lenses, that only a pro can tell the difference between videos shot on phone and that shot on a camera. So, your phone is a good place to start.

As your source of internet connection, you can use your mobile phone hotspot in place of internet modem or router. Now this hotspot feature is one of those features in a mobile device that is seldom put to use. So here it is, use it!

You will surely need a video-editing software. But you don’t need to invest in professional softwares as a starter.

And talking of professional softwares, Davinci Resolve is one professional software that is completely free!

Did you get it! It is completely free. Here is a link to the software download. And here is a link to the official video tutorials on how to work with the software.

Warning! The tutorials can turn you to a pro!

Another warning! This is not an affiliate link, so feel free to click and download.

How hard is it to use? Video editing is a skill of its own, however you simply need to learn to use the cut tool and you can work on your videos with just this tool. Use it to cut off areas of the video you wish to exclude from the video and recompress it. A little search on Youtube will show you how to color-grade the video. Even without being a pro video editor, you can edit and upload your videos to Youtube.

How much can you make on Youtube?

Just like blogging, the answer to this question is: it depends. But on average a Youtube channel can earn anywhere from $3 – $5 per 1000 video views. When multiplied by the total number of videos in a channel, you’ll have come up with some cool income stream. In my opinion, “youtubing” is not as profitable as blogging, however, it surely is a good way to make money online. And when you add it to blogging, you have a multiplier effect.

The online world presents different opportunities to earn income and make a living. But is definitely not the only way to do so. Now, let’s talk about ways a single father can make money offline.


Start a home-made baking business


This is not the best in the list. But it had to be the first because it remains the classic money making technique.

If you are a single dad, and want to make money. Then go get a job!

Sorry, that was rude. But yeah, this is just the first thing that should come to your mind. 

So, read job postings in newspapers and jobsites (do they still do this stuff, publish job postings in newspapers?). Apply… and reapply… and reapply again. Make cold calls. Tell friends to keep an eye for vacancies in your area of specialization. Just be persistent.

Of course this is not the most convenient way to earn money. But if you’re a broke and single father, convenience will be the least of your concerns.

Well, the world is evolving and there are more ways of making money, than searching for job vacancies along busy streets. 

Let’s highlight these tips in the next suggestions.


Do you remember the movie, “Black Coffee”? If you haven’t watched please do. Julian, one of the characters in the movie, does coffee business, hence the name. This is his strategy: 

  • He prepares homemade coffee beans, and 
  • Distributes them to clients in their offices and workplace. 
  • He also sells at home.

And he is a big boy. Makes modest income from coffee beans.

Enough of the movie review. We’re not selling you some movie crap. But yeah, you can enjoy the movie and copy their technique.

Just do some reconnaissance. Get some hard data. Do you have small business around? Can you do a little research to see their coffee consumption? Where do they get their coffee? Are their suppliers farther from them than you? How much do they get their supply?

These are handy info that can give a few quick customers. Or let’s restate this in “professional terms”, this info can give you a few quick CLIENTS.

Sounds crazy, right? But that’s the point. Because it’s crazy, the average dad your age will probably not consider it. So there goes your shot.


how can a single dad make money
start a home baking business

Miguel Novoa was a treasurer in a prestigious bank in Nicaragua. He was a father with a one-year-old son. When he lost his job, he searched persistently for another job, something to his last. But after a long unsuccessful search, he began to feel frustrated. 

After expressing his feelings to a friend, he was advised to find a simple job, different from his previous office work. He was advised to do a menial job. If you were him would you agree? 

He decided to start baking bread for sale. He sold all his supplies the first day and tried another day… and another day.

That was his way out of his financial quicksand. 

Can a single father learn from this? The world today does not encourage hard work or menial jobs. In fact, you likely didn’t expect to see this info in a personal finance blog. Maybe you’re expecting a “how-to-make-a-gillion-dollars-online-in-two-and-half-days” suggestion in this article. But that’s the catch. If you do what others like you will not do, you’ll have less competition. That in itself is a recipe for financial success. All the other tips of making money online have people flooding them. Though successful, the competition can choke you.

But as my former employer will say: “The office is just for packaging. Real money lives in the street.”

So, shed some ego and shame, and you’ll see different money-making opportunities, disguised in dirty clothing on the street. I tell you, as long as the money comes, who cares whether you wear a shirt and tie or a stained factory coat.


Ok, I’m sorry for the demeaning suggestions above. Probably the previous two tips hurt your ego a little. Now, let’s come back to more professional tips.

Offer repair services. What skill do you have? Do you have some plumbing, electrical, wood-making skills? Rather than go looking for dear-old-school shirt-in-tie white or black collar jobs, can you offer to render basic repair services for your neighbors?

Offer to fix broken taps, leaking faucets, malfunctioning water closets. These are household items that do develop faults at a whim. Except you live in space, you’ll likely have neighbors who’ll have these issues from time to time.

  • Word of mouth is the starting point. 
  • In some areas, you just need to print a few business cards. 
  • In other areas, you might need to register with the local or state government. 

But you see, some countries in Europe and Australia are running short of workers. Canada has been enticing skilled workers from Africa and some poor nations around the world with easy migration. Everybody wants a degree in “space science.” Skilled workmen are in shorter supply today. You can offer to fill this space by doing local repairs. 

Plus, if you’re efficient and your services are affordable, you’ll have an edge. Calling repair companies can be quite expensive. People will rather pay that neighborhood dad who can get the job done a hundred bucks, than pay a company several hundred dollars to offer the same quality of service.


In a world of digital art and graphics design, dear old paint-and-brush art is going extinct. Old school paper-and-canvas style artists are in ever shorter supply. 

Do you paint? Live portrait, nature drawing or any other form of drawing and painting can be a cool way of earning money as a single dad.

This source of income is a merge of both online and offline sources of making money. You paint offline and sell your goods both offline and online.

I found a web article that discusses websites where you can sell your arts online. I don’t need to replicate the info. If you’re really interested in this money-making avenue, you can read more on it here

But know for sure that designing and selling art is a good way to make money while, at the same time, spending quality time with your children as a single father.


how can a single dad make money

I follow a guy on Youtube called Reggie. His handle is Guitaro5000. He’s good. His performance is therapy. You can check him out. In his videos below, he explained how he started busking and makes a living out of it. 

Remember we suggested doing Youtube as a source of money online? Well he said, he makes far less on Youtube, but instead busking has been his main source of income.

So, hello single dad! Can you sing? Do you have music skills? Well, with a little courage, you can offer busking shows and earn money for yourself and your children. 

By the way, busking is, in no way, demeaning. So, your children will still retain their dignity even if you choose to take this part. And you can help them see that you’re doing this for their good. And teach them that a man must be willing to do anything honorable to care for his own.


how can a single dad make money
  1. Modesty – Accept your financial limitations. This will help you to see this from a proper perspective. You may have had good financial status in the past. This is in the past. Accept the present limitations and work from there.
  1. Do what other dads won’t. Sometimes the key to success in business is not how lucrative the business model is, but how competitive it is or is not. To be fair, some means of getting income might be lowly. And because of this, many men might be reluctant to go down that part. But if you, you’ll have less competition. And other men will probably admire your courage and, in turn, patronize you.
  1. Seek and accept advice. One reality of life is: no one knows when the next breakthrough will be and where it will come from. The suggestion you’ll need to start earning a good income, might come from the most unlikely source. So, be humble enough to seek advice and be open minded.
  1. Be resilient. Life is not a movie, you can’t read the script to tell how the ending will be, nor can you fast forward to see how it ended. Things usually do not play out the way we plan and at our pace. And we can not know beforehand how things will turn out. So, expect some setbacks. But that doesn’t mean failure. You might need to try again and again. And try more than one means before you’ll get the breakthrough you so desperately need.


how can a single dad make money

Assuming you were successful by trying some of the suggestions above, how can you maintain or even increase your present income? 

  1. Be careful not to overspend or you’ll run out of money.
  1. Live on a budget
  1. Except you’re pursuing a committed relationship, be care not to spend your hard earned income on the opposite sex.
  1. Be maintenance focused. Maintaining your home and equipment can cost money. But it saves you the bigger amount you’ll spend to make major repairs. So maintain your cars, the house, and other things that need maintenance.
  1. Buy wholesale. This is a good way to save up on basic necessities, such as food. Do bulk buying. Take advantage of promos.
  1. Buy only what you need. It can be tempting to buy everything the eye sees. But this is not practical. While buying opportunities is endless, your income stream probably isn’t. So spend more on your needs and less on your wants.
  1. Save! Save!! Save!!!

This is not a 101-guide on how to make money as a single dad. There are other ways to earn income if you’re a cash-trapped single father. 

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