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Now, what if I tell you, that you too can make money doing what you love? Or rather, how can you turn your passion into income.

Here are 10 steps.

1. Identify your interest

Identifying a behavioral pattern and seeing it as a passion is not as simple as it sounds. For instance, the creative singer and drummer might be tagged ‘the child who seldom listens in class and always disturb other kids.’ The skillful footballer might be called ‘unserious,’ he knows but play. But realizing that your repetitive behavior is an expression of your passion is the first step toward seeing that ‘something good’ that’s in you.

2. Develop a passion for it.

Understanding that your interest is a gift is the first step towards self-realization. Then comes the need to develop a love for it. If you’ve been subject to criticism and marginalization in the past, you might be unwilling to see this interest as a gift. It’s easy to see your passion as the cause of your problems and social isolation. But, developing a passion for your interest is like breaking the chains to self-liberation.


3. Do Research

Learn how to monetize your interest.

Having a natural inclination is a gift, but without knowledge and experience, passions are just another tendency that dies with time. Do research and learn as much as possible about your interest. This will help you to better exploit this hidden gem in you. You’ll under what need there is for your area of interest and how to exploit this need through monetization.


4. Accept Criticism

Put simply, criticism gives you an opportunity to improve.

Having a passion and learning how to monetize it does not bring you money. To make some money from it, you must be able to sell this passion to people. At this point, your views and talent as good as the people who are willing to pay for it.

Who best to test your marketing skills on, than on ‘people’? So, talk to friends and colleagues about your prospective project. Ask for suggestions and ideas. Request for feedback. Ask for sincere criticism. The goal is to understand what people are thinking and how they think, and then to shape your product or service to appeal to these desires.

If you can please the ‘demand’, people will demand for your services.

Knowledge sharing

5. Share Your Knowledge with Loved Ones

Teaching others helps you to be good at what you. But to teach the public, you must be good at what you do. To solve this dilemma, start by teaching those you know. Share your knowledge with friends and loved ones. Listen to their suggestions on how best to present yourself. Sharing your knowledge or expertise with loved and request for their input and criticism.  The real world can be unforgiven, but sharing what you know or do with friends and family is like the backstage rehearsals for a live performance. You have the luxury of making mistakes and more mistakes; carving and refining your art until you become polished and good enough for public exhibition.

Weekly planner

6. Plan and Set A Goal

Next is the planning stage. Make a detailed plan.


  • How to start,
  • Where to start from, and
  • When to start.

Identify your target audience.

Write down your thoughts and set a deadline. This turns your plans to a goal and gives you something to work forward to. Determine how much you will charge for your services. While it is wise to drop your rates to attract new clients, it important that set proper value for your services. Under-charging might scare quality clients, because, ‘if it is too good to be true, it probably is’. If your services are too cheap, good clients might question the quality of the services you render. Value your time and services and charging accordingly. This helps to filter mediocre clients from the real ones.

Spread the word

7. Spread the Word

Publicity. Reach out to friends; tell them to tell their friends. Trust is a big factor in marketing of any sort. And who will be the first to trust your new adventure? It is probably those who already trust you. They don’t need to patronize you, but they can be first to recommend you to others.

Use social network platforms to your advantage. Tiktok, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram groups; there are places where you can showcase your goods or skills.

Become a teacher. Skillshare is a great place to start. You can open a teacher’s account and get paid to teach what you know and love.

Start small

8. Start Small

There’re always some uncertainties in any new endeavor. So, don’t just jump right into it. It might not be wise to invest all your savings into a new adventure. Start small. And as you see some results, you’ll be motivated to invest more time and capital. When you start making profits, grow your business by reinvesting these into your business.


9. Be Patient and Resilient

Except for ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, most endeavors need time to grow. Don’t expect quick results. You will need patience and resilience. The most lucrative income stream, usually grow gradually. Patience will help you to avoid greed; to avoid taking needless risks hoping for big returns. Resilience will help you to persist and not give up, even when you don’t see immediate results.

Remember to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

How to make money doing what you love.

10. Pay Yourself

Never forget to take yourself and loved once for a treat, every once in a while. Paying yourself, even before you’re fully established, will motivate you to keep going. When you hit that bend and it seems you’re running out of ideas and motivation, paying yourself might just be the booster you so need.

Take a break, go for a vacation, spend some money on you and you might just hit the next idea of how to make money doing what you love.


Making money by doing what you love is not always easy. But, by patience, resilience and determination, you can turn your passion into your source of living.

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