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Saving money without a job, for some,  might seem like Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. And if the person involved is a teenager, the opinion might be, “he’s acting out a kid’s adventure movie”. But on a personal note I believe thinking this is impossible is actually what’s  wrong and naive. 

You can save money even without a job. And if you’re a teenager, the odds are on your side. Let us discuss 10 ideas that will help you reach your goal.

  1. Save your reimbursements
  2. Save your school transport fees
  3. Do petty trades in school
  4. Save monetary gifts
  5. Sell physical gifts for money
  6. Sell unused personal items
  7. Sell handmade crafts
  8. Sell paintings
  9. Write notes for classmates
  10. Apply the farmer’s strategy

  1. Save your reimbursements

Many teenagers get reimbursements from their parents. If this is so with you, then this is your starting point. Save these reimbursements. 

In the past, you spend this money on other things. Or maybe you use it to impress the ladies. Now that is over, no more unguarded spendings. And the ladies can keep their impressions.

So, open a high yield savings account. If you’re unable to open one because of your age, simply employ the assistance of your parents or guardians. Many banks have minor account systems under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

  1. Save your school transport fees

If your school is a bit far from your home, chances are you’r given transport fees to and fro. Where practical, you can save the transport for your return home. 

Of course this might not be practical all the time. For instance, your school might have a provision for carrying students to and from school in a school bus. Or your school might just be too far to hike. In some areas, security issues make it unwise to work long distances on foot.

The idea is to check your individual circumstances and decide whether saving your transport fee is practical. If not, please ignore this suggestion. But where practical, saving this money can amount to something tangible at the end of the month, or school term.

  1. Do petty trades in school

In a live TV show, popular comedian and TV host Steve Harvey interviewed a 16 year old who turned his school bathroom into a candy shop. He was so successful that he employs the help of other students and even sells in other schools. The teenager in the interview, named Nathan John Baptist, said he makes about $33,000 profit from the business. I guess that’s probably more than the amount you’re trying to save.

Ironically, this is not a one off experience. And although Nathan has a business mind, he is not smarter than every other kid, probably not smarter than you. So, learn from him. Start a business selling petty things in your school. Of course, we advise getting proper permission first.Nathan’s gig was without school permission, so it’s technically illegal, but you can add some legality to your’s. In a previous article, we discussed a similar concept: how teenagers can save money to buy a phone. You can read up on that too.

  1. Save monetary gifts

One of the coolest thing of being a kid, or in your case, a teenager, is the opportunity of recieving monetary gifts. Well the believe is, you’re not working, so how else to make money if you’re not given. Well bank on this opportunity. When relatives comes visiting, they might give some money to buy things for yourself. Save it.

During religious celebrations, friends and well wishers might offer monetary gifts. Save it. When you do exceptional well in your school examinations, parents might offer some gifts. If it comes in the form of physical cash, save it. If it doesn’t but you have the option to decide what form it will come, definitely ask for cash.

  1. Sell physical gifts for money

Chances are, most of your gifts will come in other forms other than cash. If for example your dad buys you a bicycle as a gift for your excellent performance in your last exam, check it if will be practical to convert it to cash and save it. Your best option here will be to consult your dad about your plan to sell his gift. If he knows that your goal is to save the money, and probably use it for something worthwhile, he’ll probably give his permission. He might even be impressed at your maturity.

If gifts are given by other persons other than a close relative, you should easily sell it for cash.

  1. Sell unused personal items

Do you have unused items in your room? This could be things that you stopped using due to age and maturity. Probably some childhood toys. Some toys can be pricey though. This is time to dispose them for good.

You can list these items on craiglist and put them up for sale. You not only declauter your room, but you also make some money for yourself that will add to your savings.

A days ago, i saw a building with some chairs outside. This was there because the family changes their sitting room chair set. Sadly this old furniture is begining to feel the brunt of the elements… sunshine and rainfall. Do you have such in your home? Why not take your parents permission sell them and offer to split the money from the sale.

This is definitely a smart move that your parent might likely agree to.

  1. Sell handmade crafts

Many teenagers are good in handcrafts. Some do it as a hobby, others build handmade crafts as school projects. Whatever category you fall into, know that this is an opportunity to save extra bucks. If you kneat for example, you can decide to engage in some kneating project. 

Kneating handbags might fetch you some quick cash and schoolmates are your first potential customers. Some other neat baby clothing items, such as suchs, sweatshirt caps etc. this is a fine way to make some cool cash. Its a good way to spend some boring weekends and earn some extra cash for whiling away your time.

  1. Sell paintings

If you have some art skill, dont hesitate to conver this to cash. Some teenagers are good in music. They can write music for fun. Well it’s tiem to make some money from “fun”. You can intentionally design a good artwork and put it up for sale. Artworks can be pricey, so if you’re able to comeup with a good project, know that the money you make from it can be more than the amount you’re actually saving for.

  1. Write notes for classmates

There’s always this student that doesn’t like to write. Writing a difficult task, but in most high schools, it is compulsory to do. You can offer to write for this set of students, and state your price from the start. Of course your cost should be easily affordable so they dont change their mind to write the school notes themselves.

  1. Apply the farmer’s strategy

I hope you skipped all other sections and jump to this point. If you do, than be rest assured that that was the plan. I’m sorry the farmer’s strategy is simply called: REINVEST.

Alright, this is the idea behind the name. A farmer will rather recieve 5 litres of maize seed, than a 110lb (50kg) bag of corn. Do you know why? The bag of corn will only last a few days at most, but the maize seed, can sow several plots of land. The later can feed the farmer all through the next farming season.

The point is, you sometimes need to invest the little you have to make it big, than to save, little by little, till it gets big.

So if you’re trying to save up for a project, for example, and you don’t have a job, your goal should be to raise some initial funds. If you able to do so after applying some of the ideas mentioned from point 1-9 your next best bet should be to invest what you’ve gotten so far.

What should you invest on?

  1. Hight yield savings account
  2. Stock market
  3. Bonds
  4. Forex managed account
  5. Petty trades (as mentioned in point 3)


  1. Write down your plans

Many ideas die in the brain. This usually occurs when a bright idea is not transfered to writing. Write down your plans. State clearly how you plan to achieve it. Add a checkbox in front of each strategy, and tick it off after applying each strategy. Include a note section that states what worked and what didn’t. Write down why, in your opinion. What is due to some mistake on your part? Was it due to negligience? What would you do differently next time.

When your done with analyzing why a strategy did not work, move on to the next in your list. Try to learn from the reasons in the previous steps and decide what to do differently this time around.

  1. Set a target end date 

Remember, a goal without a target end date is just a plan. To increase your chances of meeting your savings goal, you need to decide on an end date for the project.

You don’t have to be rigid about this. Simply set a reasonable date based on your project and work with that date in mind. Every step you take to reach this target should be with the end date in mind. 

What happens if you’re unable to meet the deadline? Well, add an extension. 

Writing down your plans and setting a due date will help you stay organized, purposeful and resourceful.


The world has gone SMART. Smart watch, smart tv and even smart money making strategies. As the economies of several countries is shrinking, many individuals in this same countries are going ‘smart’ and their finances is growing bigger. 

If you’re a teenager without a job, your first attempt should be to get yourself one. Some smart ideas are mentioned here. But due to circumstances you’re unable to start a conventional job, you can still save up money for that important project by applying the suggestions listed above. 

For the sake of reminder, lets recap all the points mentioned. 

  1. Save your reimbursements
  2. Save your school transport fees
  3. Do petty trades in school
  4. Save monetary gifts
  5. Sell physical gifts for money
  6. Sell unused personal items
  7. Sell handmade crafts
  8. Sell paintings
  9. Write notes for classmates
  10. Apply the farmer’s strategy

If you do not remember the explanation behind each point, simple scroll back up and read it up.

Did other ideas come to your mind while reading? Please pause the reading, pick a pen and paper, or simply write it down on a notetaker in your mobile device.

And please do well to comment these ideas of your in the comment section. We’ll likely use it to update this article for other readers to benefit from.

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